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Garden Veggie 3.00
light herb cream cheese on choice of bread or bagel,
and piled high with fresh veggies
Hummus Sandwich 3.00
chick pea spread served on choice of bagel or bread;
piled high with fresh veggies and ripe olives
Italian Roast 3.00
oven roasted vegetables served on facoccia
bread with provolone cheese and pesto mayo;
Tofu Stack 3.50
tofu salad served on dark rye bread and 'stacked' high with freh veggies.

Black Bean Burger 4.25
the zesty flavor of black beans, spices and
peppers are combined in a delicious meatless patty;
served with monteray jack cheese, a tangy guacomole
sauce and shredded lettuce
Garden Vegetable Burger 4.25
A delicious blend of seven nutritious veggies,
plus brown rice and oats are combined with savory
flavors in this meatless patty; served with tomato,
sprouts, and a fat free mustard yogurt dressing

Tuesdays through Fridays treat yourself to one of out
famous Wrap Sandwiches Selections vary weekly.
Take a look at our daily specials for the Wrap of the Day.

Build your own...
Turkey and Cheese 3.50
Ham and Cheese 3.50
Roast Beef and Cheese 3.95
Tuna Salad 3.00
Chicken Salad 3.00
Cheese 2.50
Deli Sandwiches include two of the following veggies:
tomato, lettuce, sprouts, olives, ripe olives, cucumbers, and banana peppers

Bread Choices: bagel, six grain, sour dough, pumpernickel, and foccacia

Cheese Choices: provolone, swiss, or american

Condiment Choices: plain or pesto mayonnaise, hot pepper or lemon thyme mustard

Extra Veggie .25
Extra Cheese .40
Extra Meat 1.00