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Americano -- espresso mixed with hot water1.201.85
Iced Americano -- espresso mixed with water over ice 1.20 1.85

Cappucino -- espresso mixed equal parts of steamed and foamed milk2.103.00
Cafe Latte -- espresso mixed with lots of steamed and foamed milk 2.10 3.00
Mocha Latte -- espresso mixed with steamed milk and Ghiradelli Chocolate 2.70 3.65
Cafe au Lait -- equal parts of steamed milk and our House Roast 1.65 1.85
Craig Street Red Eye -- a cup of your favorite Specialty Coffee with a shot of espresso 1.90 2.05
Hot Chocolate -- Made with Ghiradelli Chocolate; flavors include: double chocolate, white mocha, and praline and cream 1.80
Torani Steamer -- Steamed milk with your choice of Torani Syrup 1.50 1.80
Iced Latte -- espresso mixed with cold milk 2.10
Iced Mocha Latte -- espresso mixed with cold milk and Ghiradelli Chocolate 2.70
Extra shot of espresso with any of the above add $.75.

We use only the finest arabica coffee beans freshly roasted by Presto George - one of Pittsburgh's oldest roasters. Whole bean coffee is also available by the pound or half pound-ground to your liking.Grande
Freshley brewed iced coffee available in season.

We offer bagged Tazo Tea including a selection of ...1.15
Black Teas: Awake and Earl Grey
Green Teas (low caffine): Zen, Om, and Green Ginger
Herbal Infusions: Calm, Passion, Refresh, Spice, and Wild Sweet Orange
Chai: A soothing rich drink made from North Indian black teas mixed with honey, exotic spices, and steamed with milk!

Freshly brewed iced tea available in season.

Jones Premium Soda1.50
IBC Soda1.50
Bottled Water1.10
Tazo Tea1.95
Nantucket Nectars1.85
SPA (carbonated fruit drink)1.50
Italian Soda -- seltzer water mixed with your favorite Torani Syrup1.75
Italian Cream SOda -- seltzer water and half and half mixed with Torani syrup1.75